Installing a Racing Database

Installing SQL Ready For Creating A Racing Database

Please note this is a technical article which concentrates on the installation of the database.

If you like the idea of having a database full of past racing results there are two options to consider.

1. I can carry out the installation for you. This will require remote access to your PC, which must be Windows based.

2. I can arrange and assist you in having the database setup and housed online with a UK based ISP. At less than £40 per year it is a great option.

Please complete any questions via the Contact Us page.

These are the instructions for installing MS SQL which we will use in creating a horse racing database. MS SQL is my preferred database for Racing Form Book’s results data. This needs installing before using the RaceHorseFormBuilder app. Then you will be able to take the results data files and start populating and building  your own personal database.

While there are many example tutorials on creating databases, including Microsoft’s own. I have  personally installed the ones below and others which will work with the RaceHorseFormBuilder App.

Please be aware that there is a 10 GB limit for SQL Express editions. However as  one year of results is approximately 30 MB this should be way more than sufficient. Of course it depends on what uses you intend and how these may expand the limits. As such I have included a document on installing SQL 2017 Developer edition, which if not using the database for any commercial reasons is allowed. Please read the licensing details so you do not inadvertently exceed them.

Download Microsoft SQL Instructions

The latest version of the freely available editions is 2017 and this is the link to the download. Download a free specialized edition – MSSQL 2017!

SQL Express Installation Windows 10 64 bit

SQL Express 2014 Windows 7 sp1

SQL Server 2017 Developer Setup   After installing this edition there is a further article…. Read MS SQL Developer – Post Install Tasks  now…..

Once installed then please see these details on preparing the database and getting it ready for using the RaceHorseFormBuilder are provided with Creating a Horse Racing Database.

There are some useful items  of information regarding using the App and tasks that you can or may carry out on the page Race Horse Form Builder Houskeeping.

It is planned to expand and create more pages and documentation for RacingFormBook database and the associated RaceHorseFormBuilder application. If you feel that the documentation about how to create a SQL database for horse racing needs more detail, again let me know. However please send any questions, requests or your own tips and thoughts to this Contact Us link. 

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