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The RacingFormBook’s free racing results files are the basic offering of the horse racing data and available to anyone who has registered (at no charge) with us.

The 2 results files, Main and Details, are in a CSV format. They have been saved in a ZIP file. All file names are stored in a yymmdd to represent that days racing results. B in the Zip name denotes these are the Basic data files. There are usually between 7 and 14 days of results available to be downloaded on this page. 

While these Basic files are Free it is worth obtaining the full results on a daily basis. These are included and available as part of our Subscriber services.

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Click on the highlighted name ending in B to download that particular Results CSV files in zipped format.

211202B Thu 2nd

211201B Wed 1st

211130B Tue 30th

211129B Mon 29th

211128B Sun 28th

221127B Sat 27th

221126B Fri 26th

211125B Thu 25th

211124B Wed 24th

211123B Tue 23rd

211122B Mon 22nd

211121B Sun 21st

211120B Sat 20th

211119B Fri 19th

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Simply put RacingFormBook will help inform and assist you to find winners and enjoyment from Horse Racing. Provide a unique rating method and racing results data.

Our mission

To further anyone’s ambition to use the information, whether this is as a point of reference, a repository for their ratings or to enable the research into racing systems.

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