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How To Query A Racing Database

Once you receive the complete data of horse racing results, the main thing you will wish to know is how to query a racing database.

Being able to actually create a query in the first place is difficult even for people who have good computing knowledge.

We have created some sample queries as a fantastic starting point for you to begin with this most interesting of subjects

These are laid out and explained with the accompanying instruction guide to help people get up and running as quickly as possible. It is also expected, that you as a user, should be able to progress onto creating your very own queries.

The samples can be used as the building blocks for creating further queries.

Some of the interesting concepts include these excellent ones which we would expect to be reused for your own purposes.

  1. To be able to work out the percentage that winners occur. i.e. number of selections that win against their total.
  2. Find the profit or loss from the results of a query, i.e. for every 1 point staked will there be a profit or not and the total of this figure.

We have called these queries Interrogation Queries and if you check the screenshot below, they are the ones between the two blue lines. The second screenshot shows one of the sample queries you will receive.

RacingFormBook Queries
Summary of all the database queries
RacingFormBook Access Query All Trainers Favourites
Access Query All Trainers Favorites

Query All Trainers records of Favourites

In having to choose a subject to use to demonstrate how we can query our horse racing database, we wanted this to encompass every aspect of the results data. In doing so, we also thought it should be good if the resultant information from these queries that could be expanded upon. By this we mean you as a user could add your own ideas and extend the sample queries easily.

We decided to look into trainers and on those occasions when one of their horses is the clear favourite in races.

This then would allow other factors to come into play.

Here are some areas we use in the included samples.

  • All races, the total performance for every Trainer of a Favourite
  • All Trainers at each Course
  • Individual trainers records by Course they send runners to
  • Performance records by race type, Flat, Hurdles etc

You will easily be able to add other factors like:-

  • How they perform on different going types.
  • Records in different months
  • Different distances raced over.

The list is pretty lengthy and it is really what your imagination can think of.

The hope is that with these foundations in place you will then be able to carry out research with other subject matter, not just favourites.

You should be able to gather all kinds of information regarding race times as all the results data is at hand.

Protecting The Database

This final section is one item that is easily overlooked and is without doubt the most frustrating if things go wrong and has indeed been forgotten about. Namely, making sure that you can get back to a starting point without losing any data with a database.

When you obtain the database from RacingFormBook, you should certainly keep a copy for backup purposes on a media external to the computer you are intending to use the database. 

When you receive the database there is an accompanying Instruction Guide that contains additional tips regarding on ‘Protecting The Database.’

As a last resort of course we will endeavor to assist with getting you back to that point in time of purchasing the database.  If you subscribe to our results CSV data files service, then recovery would cover everything pertaining to you individually.

Instructional Guide & Requirements

Instructional Guide

The RacingFormBook Access Horse Racing Database comes with an Instructional Guide in PDF and Word format.

The guide provides all the information to use the database and instructions on the subjects we have covered.

Please see the screenshot of the guide’s ‘Table Of Contents’.


The only requirement is that you need a copy of Microsoft Access later than version 2003.

The database is in the ACCDB format. Please contact us if you have an older version of this software.

Please allow for 1 Gigabyte of disk space.

All the other requirements are those that are needed to run Microsoft Access.

Access Horse Racing Database

Obtaining The Access Horse Racing Database

RacingFormBook Horse Racing Access Database

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Join as a Subscribing Member and you can obtain the database for a discounted price of £29

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