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RacingFormBook is giving the RHFB App Free to all our Members

Yes we are giving any Subscriber this fantastic tool as a bonus to you absolutely free for your personal use. Please note you must be a paying Member to be able to download the files. If you are not registered you will be diverted to the sign up page.

Download the RaceHorseFormBuilder App from the Subscribers Download page, by clicking I want RHFB. You will then be able to utilise the results files and build your own Form Book database.

To find out more about RaceHorseFormBuilder read Form Builder App.

The Copyright of  RaceHorseFormBuilder is owned by Chris Beasley on behalf of RacingFormBook.

If you have any queries please do so via the form below.

We are willing to expand the uses of the RHFB application and increase the capabilities from our initial requirement. Should you like to contact RacingFormBook with any suggestions for the app or if you have a really serious request that you want adding, please complete this form.

Upcoming assistance to be able to carry out querying the database is in the pipeline. Obviously once you have the information saved you will want to extract it. Among the ideas, will be examples on queries using SQL direct. I will also be looking for the ideal tool which has a front end to do this.

Are you are interested in having a rececard where by your ratings are displayed each day for every race?

BTW if you want to use the APP without a database, it is quite easy to do. Want to know how …. then read the Horse Racing App page

Please do not hesitate to reach out for anything at all as there is great potential in expanding the app. Most of all please enjoy the RaceHorseFormBuilder.


    While the app has been used everyday without any causing any issues to the operating system or to any other software over a number of years. RacingFormBook or myself Chris Beasley will not accept any responsibility from the results of using this application. The files have been checked and contain no malicious virus or similar malware.

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