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About Horse Racing Results Files & Database

Horse Racing Results Files & Database

‘horse racing results files & database’ are the things I enjoy working with. This is not surprising given my association and long held interest with the sport. I have long been a fan of horse racing. In particular the study of form and how this can be interpreted in resultant ratings.

About horse racing form book


While initially my method of study was originally in the form of printed on paper. I started dabbling with early ‘home’ computers to aid with storing data. This led to devising the calculating ‘Class’ ratings based on class of competition and strength of opposition.

Daily Newspaper Ratings

I was fortunate to provide horseracing ratings for two national newspapers, one of which was assisting with The Sun(ratings). Having my ratings produced as a guide for others was rewarding given there were some great results with many winners.

As my main career was actually in the IT industry, I let racing take a place down in my commitments. By being involved with IT it let me use those skills to further develop the combination of computing and horse racing data.

How Racing Form Book came About

With careful analysis I looked at developing a way to collate and bring horse racing results for people to use themselves. This  was the idea in creating  Racing Form Book and making the information available to like minded followers of  racing.

As they go hand in hand I wanted to cover UK and Irish horse racing.  Please see the following pages for information on what Data is in the Results Files.

Form Book Builder

While it is great to have the results down in a standard format, it was apparent that having a platform or tool to load these results into was required.

A database was required and where as I had used my own in the past, this had to be a Freely available one for the general public.

I chose Microsoft SQL Express as most people used Windows operating systems and I had set up large server installations and supported commercial databases.

The tool I have called  Race Horse Form Book Builder. You can read more about this RaceHorse-FormBook-Builder on clicking that link.

Furthermore you will be able to use the Racing Form Book – Horse Racing Results Files & Database, to personalise it with your own ratings and add your personal Notes.

Racecards and Ratings

 RacingFormBook has its own horse racing racecards website. They are a straightforward guide to today’s Horse Racing fixtures in the UK and Ireland. 

They have all the runners and riders, plus the readers will gain access to the unique Racingformbook Class Ratings. Here you will see the Best Rating a horse achieved in the last two and three races plus something that highlights big priced winners the Best Rating in the 12 months.

For further information on how the racecards work select follow this guide Using the Racecards.

Access Horse Racing Database

Created to meet the requirement of those who wish to have a ready made database populated with several years horse racing results.

I also get enquiries from people on how to query a database so they can get more out of the horse racing results. With the Access Horse Racing Database we provide working examples with step by step instructions on creating a Query. These will provide the foundation to develop your own in the future.

Read more about the Access Horse Racing Database.

The Personal Touch

I am always happy to communicate with readers and would be very happy to publish any interesting ideas you may wish to share, or even want help with.

Additionally to that I will try and facilitate personal requests wherever possible.

I truly hope that people will benefit, reap reward and enjoy the nature of the information.

Please contact me about anything with this form…..Regards…….’Chris Beasley’

Email     support@racingformbook.com

SMS      +44(0)7756180417

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