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Introducing the Basic Results Data Files

These are our free horse racing results CSV files and they are available to anyone who registers as a member of the website. We refer to them as Basic Results data files, so named as they are a cut-down version of our Enhanced ‘Duo Format’ files.

They are produced each day and are available bi-weekly in CSV format. All you have to do is complete the simple Registration to be able to download the files each day. They contain all the main components of data for any days racing results. The Basic Results version can build a solid foundation for research, systems, statistics or a digital Form Book for those wanting results for no cost.

Please read the page with a full explanation of our Enhanced results files. These files contain all the columns plus more than the ones found in the Basic files.

Results Files Makeup

These files are in the ‘Duo Format’  therefore consist of 2 CSV files.  A brief description of both the horse racing results CSV files is given below and if further information is required, use this Contact Us link.

File Naming Standardisation

To keep each days files unique they are are prefixed using the following:-

        yy (year)     mm (month)     dd (day)

As an example the January 1st 2020 would see the datafiles named  200101Main.csv and 200101Details.csv. The naming convention assists with sorting and listing by newest date first, as it ends up the lowest number. Therefore files form 31st December would be the last listed as 2001231. The downloads are contained in a single zip file, with  as the naming format.

The two files in the Duo format are known as main.csv and details csv. Here is a brief description for each field or column they contain.


This file is the Conditions of a race  which includes the following field or columns.

ID                That days ID for each individual race

Course        Racecourse the race took place at

Date             Date that the event took place on

Time            Time  the race was scheduled to start

RaceDesc   Race title as seen on a racecard as a race description

Class           Class of race, with 1 the best and 7 the lowest level

Age              Age restriction, when race conditions are set by a horse age

PrizeMoney The currency value to the winner of the event.

Ran              Number of horses that took part and competed in a race

Distance      Race distance in Miles, Furlongs, Yards

Going           Underfoot conditions that race was run upon

The files and the data displayed in them is shown in the following screenshot.

Basiv Main CSV File
Main.CSV in Basic Format


The Details file contains the performance information for each runner in a race.

ID                ID for each runner on any particular day

FPos            Finishing position for each runner

DistBtn        Finishing distance behind the horse immediately in front

CardNo        Racecard number

HorseName  The Racehorses name

Draw            If starting stalls used, where a horse was drawn

SPFrom       ‘From’ part of the starting price

SPTo            ‘To’ part of the starting price

Age              How old the horse was at the time of the  race

Stone           Weight in stones carried by the horse

Lbs               Weight in pounds carried by the horse

Favs            Denote the betting Favourite or second Favourite

Aid               Any aids that the horse wore such as blinkers

AgeWt          Age, Weight, Aids plus Overweight and Penalty carried

Jockey         Jockey who rode the horse

Trainer         Trainer of the horse

Allow           Weight allowance the jockey was entitled to claim

Basic Details CSV File
Details.CSV in Basic format

Other Formats For Horse Racing Results CSV Files

You are missing out on further data information by not Subscribing to RacingFormBook as that entitles you to obtain our Full Enhanced results data files.  In addition we provide results in a Single File Format. Check the Membership Options page and join our full services.

These Enhanced results data files contain extra fields and are part of a daily results file service.  Below is a list of extra fields which the Enhanced Duo files contain.

Main CSV columns in Enhanced Files 

ID                Each race is given a Unique ID that corresponds to a column in the Details CSV file. Each horse that ran in a race will have this Unique ID thereby making an association for the race conditions (main.csv) and the runners (details.csv).

WinTime     You receive the recorded time the race took. Useful for people studying race times and wanting to create Speed Figures

Limit           This column show a class indication which is in fact where a race restriction, or a race is denoted with an ‘Official’ handicap range or upper limit. For instance, a race restricted to 0-100 is shown as 100. This then is restricted to those horses rated 100 or less by the ‘handicapper’.

Base Rating     A column where the purpose is to enter your personal rating for the Winner of the race. This column is used by the RaceHorseFormBuilder App which will rate every horse in a race based upon this initial Base Rating.

Details CSV columns in Enhanced Files 

MainID                Each race is given a Unique ID in the Main.csv file that corresponds to this column. Every race, by virtue of this Unique ID thereby allows an association for the race conditions (main.csv) and the runners (details.csv).

OR                      We provide the Official Handicap Rating that each horse was allocated (when they have one) that they had in each race.

Comments          This column provides a narrative to how each horse ran in the race, the reading of which can help judge  each horses performance. It also make researching key words like ‘quickened’, won ‘easily’, ‘comfortably’ possible for future winners. Also shown are details of any horses disqualification when they occur.

Free Basic Result File Summary

In conclusion, the data files for this our Basic version of Horse Racing Results in CSV format are available for anyone and totally Free. They contain the horse racing results information for  the UK and Ireland and are available to download once registered.

As referred to a number of times our Enhanced Results Data Files will provide you with further data in their content. While if you want all the results information to be contained in just one file, then we have an additional Single File Format to cater for this requirement.

There are additional benefits in Subscribing to RacingFormBook. Currently we give away free a copy of  the RaceHorseFormBuilder App.  This fantastic tool will allow every horse in a race to be rated.

You can provide Your Own Ratings to build up your own Private Handicap. Literally just give the winner of a race a figure and the App will take care of rating each horse by lengths beaten and weight carried.

Of course this data has to be stored somewhere and that is what the App does. With a simple click a button and the CSV results files plus ratings are saved into a database. The app will also create some extra columns of information by carrying out calculations on the raw data. 

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