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Welcome to our page about the RHFB (RaceHorseFormBuilder) Horse Racing App. Form, Ratings, Performance, Sytstem, Statistics and any type of Research. If these subjects are of interest – this Application may be just what you are looking for

Past Racing Results

RHFB Horse Racing App Results & More

Our horse racing (RaceHorseFormBuilder) is an application that takes results data files and makes it possible to extensively use them for any purpose.

The application does more than that and is man in the middle tool to add value to the raw horse racing results. It carries out ‘number crunching’ behind the scenes when the data is received. Various calculations are done which generate more data and enhance the information being stored.

Probably one of the most valuable items for the horse racing fan or formbook student are ratings. We have all used them as a guide. However these may be constructed, whether that is form or time based, the normal requirement is for every horse from each race to be awarded a rating based on what it achieved in each event. This will involve a calculation on the weight carried and distance beaten in a sort of sliding scale fashion.

Many of you want to use your own judgement or have a way to rate horse racing, but the task of doing so many find is just a bit to onerous. This is where the the App comes in

Horse Racing App will Calculate the ratings for all horses in a race

All you need to do is provide a figure for the winner, then the beaten horses ratings will be calculated automatically. These ratings are visually displayed in the RHFB APP so if you want to adjust any individual figure then this is easily possible.

Fully flexible as pounds per length for any distance you decide

As form students we know that ratings rely on a scale for how points (pounds in handicapping terms) per length should be set. These will also be variable based on the distance the race is run over. The application will cater for this quite easily.

You can actually set this in an easy to edit file. You can of course simply use the settings that are the default of the App.  You decide for any distance to let the value of a length be worth, as in the number of points. Simple to edit and you can change this at anytime.  Read more about this in our Horse Racing Application article set out in 3 Parts.

“RacingFormBook’s RaceHorseFormBuilder App allows me to create my own ratings quickly and easily. I don’t have to rely on storing them on someone else’s website and have all the Form I want at my fingertips. “

Personal Results Information

Add Your Own Notes Using the RaceHorseFormBuilder App

For each horse that runs in a race there is Notes column. This will allow you to add any comment about a  performance. These personal comments are just that and this turns the RaceHorseFormBuilder into your form book.

Results Data Files

As you will have gathered the application needs horse racing results. Obviously these have to be laid out in a uniform manner.

The nature and content of the information data as required by the RHFB App is covered in our 3 part Horse Racing Application series.

Our results files are CSV ones, as this is a very easy format to work with. You are welcome to create and use your own data files to load into the App. We do provide all the required files on a daily basis. You can even use our Free ones known as the Basic data files.

However our Enhanced data files contain all the fields that the RaceHorseFormBuilder utilises. These are available by a straightforward subscription.


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Simply put RacingFormBook will help inform and assist you to find winners and enjoyment from Horse Racing. Provide historical horse racing results data.

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To further anyone’s ambition to use the information, whether this is as a point of reference, a repository for their ratings or to enable the research into racing systems.

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