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When taking the trial as a Full Member you will gain access to the Subscribers Download page. Here you will have access to several weeks past results. In addition there are 2 weeks historical racecard CSV datafiles available. Each days result files are published daily, plus we round all the results up in weekly, in both Duo & SFF format. This makes it easier for those wanting to update their own data records less frequently. We also do a midweek collation of the SFF file results. The Subscribers Download page is the place where you can obtain our Free RaceHorseFormBuilder APP. A Full Membership also gives you access to the Subscribers Racecard page. Here each and every days cards, including our unique Class Ratings are found. These are published 24 hours ahead of racing, then updated on the morning racing takes place.

Subscribing Members will also obtain our Racecards in a data format. This is a Daily CSV file with has all the information that you will see on each of the meetings racecard. This includes the Class Rating and again is available 24+ hours in advance.

We have introdued a ‘Racecards & Ratings only’ subscription for those who only require this webpage part of our services. Please complete your purchase below.

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Gain access to the racecard webpages each day with the Class Ratings.

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In looking to provide a more Personal service for clients, should you prefer the Results Data Files in a different format please send details of what you require.

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    Simply put RacingFormBook will help inform and assist you to find winners and enjoyment from Horse Racing. Provide historical horse racing results data.

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    To further anyone’s ambition to use the information, whether this is as a point of reference, a repository for their ratings or to enable the research into racing systems.

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